The Warsaw University of Business is a non-public university that has been active in the educational market for a number of years. WUB was founded in 2001 and since then has enjoyed unwavering interest of students, offering candidates a rich and thoughtful course of study in a number of fields. Until September 30, 2017, the University operated under the name of the University of Business and Administration in Łuków. From 1 October 2017, the seat of the university is Warsaw. The school is located in the heart of Powisle, and is easily reachable by metro or bus. The very center of the city, and the Old Town are just a few minutes away. Vistula Boulevards are also nearby.

The University implements a modern curriculum oriented towards the practical preparation of graduates to work in the profession both in Poland and abroad. Today, versatility and flexibility in the approach to work is important – therefore, WUB is still adapting the educational offer, and the teaching methods to the needs of the market, while also ensuring the comfort of work and learning.

The university delegates will evaluate the academic credentials of prospective students at the fair. If the students are found eligible, they will be given an offer of admission on the Spot in the fair.


Bachelor Studies

  • Management:
    - Corporate logistics;
    - Strategic management and marketing;
    - Accounting and financial management.
  • Logistics:
    - Business logistics and warehousing;
    - Spatial planning logistics;
    - Land transport management.
  • Photography:
    - Photography in the new media.
  • Journalism:
    - Radio and television journalism;
    - Television production and directing.

Master Studies

  • Pedagogy
    - Human resource and company management in the education sector and related companies.

Students' life

  • The university provides accommodation at residence hall for its students with fully equipped rooms for two or three.
  • The university students benefit from the scholarship system, which consists of, among others, scholarship for academic performance.
  • Student internships prepare students for the profession by enriching the educational process carried out during the course of study.
  • There is a student government at the university.
  • Students belong to scientific circles, participate in various events and integration trips.


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