The UEBA is the part of the European Higher Education Area and the common European Research Area (ERA). As part of this integration its mission is to provide a quality higher education in all three levels of university studies in the complex of economic and management curricula and selected study programs in the humanities and the informatics, to develop the knowledge based on the freedom of creative scientific research in economics, informatics, humanities and social sciences, and thus contributing to development of the knowledge society in Slovakia and in the European area.

University priorities:

  1. continuous improvement of quality in all activities in line with international standards
  2. internationalization of education, science, research and other activities of the university by activating partnerships and networking
  3. to intensify relations with national and international bodies, institutions and organizations of the state and public sector, economic and social practices
  4. to create and promote a creative work environment and atmosphere, to build, encourage and deepen peer-to-peer relationships between employees and between the University staff and students
  5. to improve internal and external communication of the University and relay on feedback from the relevant groups.


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