American University of Dubai

Dubai has emerged as an international hub for business and commerce over the past two decades, helping to spawn growth and prosperity in the region. As members of the international business community began moving offices here, the visionary leadership of the UAE began investing in education, the backbone of any prosperous future.


Since its founding by Dubai Chamber in 1997, the University of Dubai has been moving ahead at a confident and sustainable pace to serve the business community as the quality education provider in Dubai. The University has strong relationships with international and local business communities in Dubai and works closely with organizations to stay at the forefront of advanced pedagogical practices. UD capitalizes on these relationships for the benefit of its students. Research, as well as recent trends, indicate that UD must move from theory-based curricula to business-oriented curricula, thus allowing students to be exposed to the most up-to-date practices.


UD’s close relationship with the business community allows it to benefit businesses in every aspect of their organization. UD is very active in participating in research and marketing initiatives for local and international businesses based in Dubai. Furthermore, UD develops programs that address needs in the business and IT sectors directly. For instance, after having conducted extensive research and after doing interviews with Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers around the country, UD faculty learned there was a gap in the IT sector between those who work in information systems and those who work in management. So, in September 2012, the University began offering a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management, combining the knowledge of an information systems graduate with the skills and competencies of a manager. 


As businesses in the UAE grow and evolve, they will require UAE men and women to be educated in the legal issues related to business. Due to this demand and requirements from the business community, the University of Dubai will introduce a Master’s degree in Law with the option of majoring in either Arbitration and Dispute Resolution or Financial Crimes and Money Laundering. As business in the UAE grows and evolves, it will need employees to run those businesses and those employees will need to be taught by faculty who are experts in the region’s economy and business practices. Consequently, the University of Dubai is planning to introduce a Ph.D. program in Business Administration. Graduates of this program will then be able to become professors and teach a new generation of business leaders or work as professionals in their field of expertise.


The University of Dubai moves in parallel with the UAE. As the UAE grows and evolves, so does the University of Dubai. To accommodate this growth, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has graciously granted the University of Dubai 3 million square feet of land in International Academic City to build a new campus. The University plans to start construction in December of 2013, complete construction in June of 2015 and begin campus operations in September of 2015. The University of Dubai plans to grow with its country as it has always done, offering the highest-quality education, meeting future demand in business and computing systems and continuing to mold tomorrow’s leaders, today.


Dr. Eesa M. Bastaki,
President, University of Dubai



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