Technische Hochschule Deggendorf

Founded in 1994, our multi award-winning university has become the most successful newly founded University of Applied Sciences in Bavaria. We believe this is due to our vision which has always been at the forefront of our development strategy: we have continuously developed attractive fields of study supplemented by a range of further education courses, generated intensive research, knowledge and technology transfer to modern economy, followed economic and social trends, and developed a vast regional and international network.

No boundaries

Our total student population is currently almost 8,000 including 30% international students from all over the globe. Our studies are focused on Business, Engineering, Digitalisation and Healthcare to undergraduate and postgraduate level in full-time and part-time courses, taught in either English or German. Additionally, we have two completely English undergraduate exchange programmes in the fields of Engineering and Business. All courses meet international quality standards. Two teaching campus accommodate all students: in addition to the main campus is in Deggendorf, the European Campus Rottal-Inn is our relatively small and compact campus, specialising in international bachelor and master degrees in Healthcare and Engineering that are instructed exclusively in English.

Pioneering work in knowledge and technology transfer

The university has a strong social and ecomonic cohesion with the town of Deggendorf and the beautiful surrounding Bavarian Forest national park. The development of the university has evolved the town into a vibrant, international and multicultural hub of young academics intermingled with traditional Bavarian culture.

We have eleven unique technology and healthcare campuses dotted around neighbouring districts in the Bavarian Forest region. In these technology campuses, staff and students work closely together with local and international companies to create specific pioneering solutions for immediate implementation. Companies are supported by the university in research, development and consulting work and therefore the companies innovate to create new perspectives for young, qualified people.

Down-to-earth but always upwards and onwards

We have always taken advantage of practical opportunities and ensured their rapid implementation. The international European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen, for example, was swiftly established in 2015 and its growth and development has been promoted ever since, most recently in the opening of a new mult-million campus extension containing lecture halls and workshops.

President Professor Sperber believes that the university's success is due to many factors. He states, " We have always worked hard here in Deggendorf, we have not let ourselves down and have sometimes worked in unconventional ways to achieve our aims".

Creative and responsible

Our long term vision is to have a student population of 10,000 by 2030, a realistic goal as Minister President of Bavaria rescently gave the green light for the next major project. The development of the digitalisation centre is in full swing and begun with the establishment of the Faculty of Applied Computer Science for a capacity of 1,000 further students.

Cozy campus life

Despite the rapid growth, the atmosphere on campus is still very interconnected and cozy. Deggendorf has many advantages as a university town as the distances between campus, town centre and dorms are easily within walking distance. The close proximity to the River Danube and the surrounding hilly landscape provide a stunning natural backdrop for countless recreational activities. Excellent public transport links including bus, coach and train services take passengers to all parts of mainland Europe. Student living costs are relatively affordable in comparison to larger student cities. As a community, we ensure that our campuses host many events throughout the year. Music festivals, concerts and a food fair for example, fill the academic calendar alongside competitive sports competitions to a national level and student club events. Our sports teams are extremely successful, in football, athletics and volleyball in particular. There is plenty of oppurtunity for students to socialise, make friends and have fun.



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