Ural State Mining University is the first higher educational institution in the Urals. It was founded on the 3 (16) of July, 1914.

In 2009 the University celebrated its 95 anniversary. During its existence the college trained more than 55 thousand mining engineers, hundreds of students with PhD and doctors of science. 2.5-3 thousand managers and specialists have their retraining and professional improvement annually.

The University successfully prepares specialists in 35 specialities of higher professional education, 8 directions in Bachelor’s and Master of Science programs. 96 doctors of science, professors and 208 candidates of science (PhD) and associate professors provide high quality specialists training. The University co-operates with Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and the countries of Schengen Agreement in the field of education and science.

Great attention is paid to strengthening of esprit de corps of miners: special uniform is introduced within employees and students, alumni association is established.

The University propagates a healthy way of life. Two-times world champion in swimming Yurij Prilukov, grandmaster, Russian champion in chess Alexander Motilev, four-times world champion in biathlon Aleksey Kovyazin, world champion in rock-climbing Ekaterina Ivaschenko are students of the Mining University.

In November 2004 the Ural State Mining University became a laureate of the “Russian National Olimpus” Prize in the category “HealthProtection. Education. Culture. Sport.” for its outstanding contribution to the historical development of Russia.



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