The UK is a true leader in the field of education. Its universities are usually top-rated and one can find them in high positions in the world’s prestigious academic university rankings. The country’s long academic traditions of excellence date back to the famous University of Oxford in the 11th century.

International outlook. The country attracts a large number of students every year; it’s the second-most popular study destination in the world after the USA. About 18% of all students in the UK come from abroad, according to the HESA statistics. As for the countries they are usually from, China, India, the USA, Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong and Ireland top the list.

World-class universities. UK schools, colleges, and universities offer premier, internationally recognized education. You’ll gain a qualification that is respected by employers in a variety of countries. They’re inspected regularly to ensure that they provide high standards of teaching, learning, and research set by the government. That’s why three of the top ten universities in the Times Higher Education Rating are in the UK – Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London.

Perfect your English. The UK is the top destination to learn English, a language of crucial importance in the global business arena. Here you can brush up on your language skills to the advanced level or higher. The country offers a lot of different courses for all ages and levels, so you can choose one that will suit you best.

Cultural diversity. Living in the UK means that you’ll explore its vivid and diverse life – from the bright lights of megacities such as London, Cardiff, Belfast, and Glasgow to historic counties like Yorkshire and Warwickshire. Enjoy how extremely different and full of contrasts this country is by looking at ultramodern spaces just around the corner from ancient castles and churches.

Discover, create, and make a difference! In the UK, one of the most productive and inspiring places in the world, it’s easy to achieve your dreams. Seriously! There are a lot of programmes. UK degrees can also reflect your interests more deeply thanks to different specialized modules. You’ll develop your creativity, critical thinking and decision-making skills. Furthermore, you can also work during your studies for up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during holidays.



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