Prime Study is established as a professional student recruitment and counseling agency. Our company focuses on counseling and supporting the students from Georgia and the Caucasus to get admitted to reputable educational institutions in different parts of the world. Our agency is interested in promoting educational programs including and not limited to undergraduate and graduate university degree education, professional training courses and seminars, language and thematic summer schools. We also intend to organize with our partner institutions thematic academic conferences designed specifically for young researches and mid-career scholars.

Company also assists various businesses in sending their employees for short-term training courses and seminars according to their needs for enhancement in various fields. Prime Study is an official representative of several well-known educational institutions and provides to its customers – prospective students and institutions a truly ‘win-win situation’ – to find a suitable match for each other’s expectations, i.e. for prospective students to get a quality education abroad according to their needs, qualifications and financial capabilities, and to the educational institutions – to recruit quality students for their programs from Georgia and the Caucasus. Prime Study expands its activities across the Caucasus region having its official representatives in Azerbaijan and Armenia.

We aim to run our business in B2C (business-to-customer) and B2B (business-to-business) format providing counseling and recruiting advises to individual customers while sending them for the university education abroad and also to cooperate with companies and organizations and assist them in enhancing their employees’ skills and knowledge at the professional training courses and seminars abroad.

Prime Study positions and differentiate itself within the market by offering the following additional services and assistance to its customers:

  • Pre-departure orientation: information and support (whenever possible) on obtaining the visa, providing information about the university country and the city (accommodation options, etc.).
  • Best rates on airfares: using the partner tourist agencies we will offer best possible rates on airfares and hotel accommodation to our customers.
  • Preparatory courses for the required examinations and tests: we have contracted experienced tutors to organize preparatory courses in GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and other required exams for admission at various universities. We will offer these courses to our customers at a reduced rate.
  • Financial aid: we will collect information on possible scholarship opportunities from the partner universities, student loans, embassies and foundations of relevant countries and provide competent advice to our applicants on obtaining potential financial aid upon necessity and availability.
  • First-hand experience in studying abroad: director of the company Mr. Barnabishvili, and founding partner Mr. Mikeladze both went abroad for studying.


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