Pacific National University

Established in 1958 Pacific National University (PNU) presently has become the educational institution of a new formation, a classical university of innovative and research type and the University is recognized by the right as the leading scientific and educational center in the Russian Far East. We participate efficiently in scientific and academic programs; we enter confidently into the global intellectual space. It is connected both with joining of Russia to Bologna’s process, and collaboration advancement with Higher Schools and Research Centers of Asian-Pacific region.


Nowadays the Asian-Pacific region is the most dynamically developing region of the planet. This process also concerns scientific and educational spheres. Therefore the majority of our foreign partners (more than 120 universities, research centers, corporations, scientific organizations, administrative bodies are among them) are located in the APR countries. We maintain relations with 71 scientific, educational, industrial and administrative institutions from the Peoples’ Republic of China, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


According to the long-term programs of international collaboration our university carries out a wide spectrum of activities aimed at realization of academic and student exchange, joint research, innovative-technological, business, educational and cultural projects, trains foreign students and post-graduate students, as well as sends the Russian students to study abroad. PNU realizes successfully double degree programs when graduates are awarded diplomas of academic partners from other countries along with Russian diplomas.


One of the actively developing directions of the university international activities is participation in arranging and holding a wide range of conferences, meetings, symposia and creative forums. Authorities of educational bodies and university presidents, famous scholars and teachers, along with post-graduate students, and students, businessmen from APR countries, as well as from other regions of the planet take part in these events.


We are proud of our more than semi-centennial history and consider academic, scientific and innovative cooperation development with our east neighbors as one of priority directions.



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