NEOMA Business School, a Grande Ecole for Management:

  • Built on solid historical foundations
  • Respected by its alliance of prestigious partner schools
  • Recognised for its unparalleled academic network...
  • ...and for the strength of its corporate links
  • Drawing on a one of France's strongest alumni network

Individuals or organisations… we are all involved in unceasing transformations. The fact that the goal-posts are constantly movimg and crises come one after the other can be extremely unnerving. How then, can leaders create spaces for innovation and lead individuals and groups on new enterprises?

As a leading international school, NEOMA Business School’s self-assigned mission is to train and support tomorrow's managers and entrepreneurs, capable of acting as responsible leaders and going beyond prevailing models.

To be recognised for our innovative educational strategy, for training imaginative and responsible leaders, who will constantly adapt to an ever changing global environment... This is the vision that drives NEOMA Business School.



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