Situated in the very heart of Europe, Geneva is a true capital of international organizations and one of the most multinational cities of the world – there are nearly as many foreigners as Swiss nationals residing here.

While being an important business and financial centre, Geneva enjoys a rich cultural life: music and film festivals, museums, foreign theatres’ guest performances, visiting celebrities  and art salons.

To live and study in Geneva is in itself a stroke of luck! To acquire a prestigious profession, become fluent in three foreign languages and a true Cosmopolitan - this is a unique opportunity offered by International Centre Lomonosov!

The International Centre Lomonosov was established in 1997 as a Russian education, research and cultural centre. In October 2012 the ICL marked its 15th anniversary.  

The school buildings of International Centre Lomonosov stand in the centre of Geneva’s student quarter next door to the University of Geneva and a few minutes’ walk from Old Town.

Among others, tuition is given by the leading faculty members of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Boris Tschukin Theatre Institute at the Vakhtangov Theatre, as well as other Russian, European or US higher education institutions.

Among International Centre Lomonosov lecturers there are representatives of international organizations, state agencies or corporations, prominent members of the science or arts community.

An ICL graduate is an international level specialist with a wide opportunity for further advancement in education or career in Russia, Europe, the USA or another country.



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