Investing in "DIGITAL" transformation skill is a top priority for society, companies and organisations today. 

Digital College, the pole digital of the prestigious group, College de Paris supports this with Action-Based Learning in cooperation with international partners: learning that integrates both, theory and practice in the actual business context. In doing so:

  • We educate students to develop the right leadership capacity, workforce skills and corporate cultures needed in the digital transformation.
  • We educate individuals to up- and cross-skill their talents and to stay attractive in the employment market.
  • We contribute to an inclusive digital society.

Our teaching standards are innovative and agile, with concrete and professional projects. The trainers are elite marketing professionals from the colossal data industries, Instagram, Meetic, Amazon, Google and a few famous Youtubers, who shape the Digital Revolution in every individual student.

These programs are a huge success in France, USA, Africa and China with their bachelor’s and master’s degree as these programs are custom-made to meet the requirements of each student with the help of masterclasses, networking events and mentoring sessions.

Digital College welcomes you to their brand-new campus at the “Grand ARCHE” amidst the skyscrapers and most importantly, in the economic hub of Paris. The campus contains 16 classrooms, a video studio, 4 design studios, 2 computer rooms, 2 cafeterias, an auditorium and a reading room.



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