Bedstone College

One of the few constants in life is that things are are forever changing. The world that we are preparing our young people for is very different to the world that we, as adults, were prepared for by our teachers. Many schools talk about fulfilling potential or blending academic excellence with outstanding extra curricular provision. However, Bedstone College is not an institution built upon sound bites, it is a real school in which we value the meaning of success in its widest sense.


Our students come from a very wide range of backgrounds and abilities; yet each of them has something within them that is very special. It is this focus on trying to uncover that special talent and using it to build confidence and self-esteem that makes Bedstone much more than a school, but rather a family.


Through our wide range of academic and extra curricular provision we aim to develop in our students the personal characteristics that they will need to face a world which moves at great pace. As well as achieving excellent academic standards, our leavers are robust, confident, self-aware, tolerant and above all adaptable. As teachers, we are in such a privileged position. We are charged with developing the most precious  things in the world; the minds of young people. At Bedstone, we take this responsibility very seriously indeed. Please do come to visit us and find out what makes Bedstone College such a wonderfully fulfilling place in which to live and to learn.



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