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The Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation  is a private university in Malaysia. It was formed in 1993 as the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology and was renamed in 2004 after being granted University College status to Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI). It has produced more than 20,000 graduates under APIIT with association of Staffordshire University.  

APU provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the areas of information technology, media, business and engineering. APU has opened overseas branches in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, although these branches are still under APIIT branding. The university and its students have received awards, such as the NAPEI Education Excellence Award 2007 (University Category), the Microsoft Imagine Cup Malaysia 2011, the Prime Minister's Award for Industry Excellence 2011 by Najib Razak, etc. Other research and development activities are carried out on the campus. 51% of it shares are owned by Ekuiti Nasional Berhad.   

The Asia Pacific University Student Activities and Representative Council, better know The Student ARC is the official students' union that handles the 5 major events of the year as well as represents the students, clubs and societies in any inter-varsity events or collaborations. The SARC student body is elected in January by the students of the university for the term duration of 1 year. Although unlike most student council, the SARC do not represent the students in the University's decision-making process and is governed by Department of Student Affairs which acts as an advisory board.  



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