The American Graduate School of Business (AGSB) is a non-profit, private institution of higher education offering graduate and undergraduate programs in the study of business. Historically AGSB has always had a strong international representation among its students and faculty. Combining the traditions and setting of the finest Swiss schools, AGSB has made a commitment to become a world class institution.

The result of this commitment is evidenced in our three student learning goals for all graduates: An AGSB alumnus will be a valuable contributor to any business because of the general knowledge in the functional areas of management gained through their course of study and the ability to solve problems by supplementing his/her business knowledge when required.

An AGSB alumnus will be recognized in any business because he/she demonstrates skill and competency in using tools for analytical problem solving and complex decision making encountered in general management.

An AGSB alumnus will have improved his/her personal skills as a communicator and a leader in all business circumstances. He/she will be able to appreciate to the value of differing points-of-view, as well as being able to make reasoned judgements that are logical and supported.

AGSB will aim to provide education and training for competent and responsible business leadership.

All of AGSB programs will be designed to cultivate an understanding of human behavior, cultural sensibility and a global perspective in business and politics.



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