Презентация: как выиграть стипендию Edmund Muskie

Дата публикации 24.10.2011

Monday, October 24, 19.00–21.00.

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Have you heard of the Muskie Fellowship? It’s the U.S. Government’s program of fellowships for Russian and CIS Students. Every year about 500-1000 people apply for one of dozens of fellowships to get a Graduate Degree in the United States.

For those who win, the U.S. Government pays the entire cost of study, including housing, travel, living stipend, all tuition expenses and books. Muskie winners can take an LL.M., an M.B.A. or one of several other degrees that are eligible for the program.

Several Pericles students have won Muskie Fellowships in the past, and we hope to see several more win in the future. But the application deadline is coming up fast. So please come to this presentation, where Ms. Engebretson will explain the application procedure for getting a Muskie and answer any questions you may have.


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