University of Kyrenia was established in 2013 through having the extensive support of its sister university, the Near East University which already has 35 years of experience in the sector of education at international level. Aiming to specifically specialize on Marine and Aviation studies, the UoK continues growing as a separate higher education institution in full cooperation with its sister university, the Near East University. UoK enriches its academic infrastructure with the support of sister university which has a superior experience in education sector at international level.

University of Kyrenia is carrying out its educational activities as a member of the international convention (STCW/78 1995, 2010) of International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Maritime Training Council of Turkey (MTC), Anatolian Maritime Club (ADK), International Universities Search and Rescue Council (IUSRC), Higher Education Council of Turkey (YOK), Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council (YODAK), Cyprus Turkish Aviation Sports Federation Yavrukus Pilotage Training Organization within the body of DGCA, European University Association (EUA), International Association of Universities (IAU) within the body of UNESCO, International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP), Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).

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