Established in 2006 as a result of an innovative collaboration between the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and nine top UK universities, The Sino-British College combines the best of Chinese and British education in Shanghai, one of the world’s leading cities, making it ideally placed, reputationally and geographically, to achieve what it has become – a truly international university college.

With continuing commitment of USST and the nine partner universities in the UK, SBC provides students with a genuine multicultural learning environment, offering quality degree programmes across the whole spectrum in the areas of Business and Engineering. Since being established, we have received extensive recognition for the quality of teaching and student experience and for the strong employability of our graduates.

SBC currently has about 80 international faculty members dispersed among 5 academic Divisions, Centre of English for Academic Purposes and Centre of Physics and Maths. Currently, the majority of Year 4 lectures are conducted by Fly-in faculty from partner universities with tutors from SBC. All USST modules are covered by teaching faculty from USST main campus.

SBC Centre of English for Academic Purposes (CEAP) has 20 language certified teachers. All teachers have a minimum qualification of a CELTA or equivalent, and most have DELTA or a higher degree.


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