The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is Singapore's largest provider of private tertiary education and professional training. It was founded by the Singapore Economic Development Board in 1964. SIM offers diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as well as executive education courses. In 2005, SIM University, Singapore's first university to be privately funded, was established.

The SIM Group provides its core services through three educational brands: SIM University, SIM Global Education and SIM Professional Development.


SIM offers diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programmes, and executive courses. SIM conducts more than 50 programmes from universities in the US, the UK, Europe, and Australia. Besides their regular full-time programme, SIM also offer part-time programmes in undergraduate and graduate studies.

Undergraduate/Bachelor degree programme

Undergraduate programmes in SIM include Bachelor of Communication (awarded by RMIT University), Bachelor of Arts Economics (awarded by the University of Buffalo), Bachelor of Science in Marketing (awarded by the University of Southampton), and Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance (awarded by the University of London).

Graduate/Master degree programme

For graduate degree, SIM have Master of Science in Digital Marketing (awarded by the University of Southampton), Master of Science in International Business (awarded by the University of Birmingham), and Master of Science in Engineering Business Management (awarded by the University of Warwick).

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