SBbUME is one of the leading and highest rated economic and management university in Russia.

Five reasons to choose UME

Excellent learning environment. The University is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, the greatest center of the world and Russian culture, which is famous for its magnificent architectural ensembles, palaces, theatres and museums. Do you know that the city has over 200 museums? Between them is the world famous Hermitage, one of the largest and best known Russian museums.

Modern infrastructure. Classes are held in modern buildings with multimedia libraries, computer classes, and special laboratories.Students can live in a dormitory in a suburban campus, which has a sports facility, a library and information facility, and a cafeteria. Individual approach. Classes are held in small groups each student is paid enough attention.

Balance of theory and practice. Disciplines of the profile cycle are taught by employees of real sector companies in economy and finance.

Project-based learning. By doing exciting joint projects, students learn to work in a team.

Global activity and opportunities for students. In the 90 years of the last century UME cooperated with higher education institutions of Germany, Finland, Great Britain, the USA and other countries, it cooperates with more than 60 universities and colleges abroad.

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