Northern (Arctic) Federal University

The University development concept is based on the unique features of the Russian North, its rich historical heritage and core development lines.


The Arkhangelsk region is a perfect place for implementation of the Federal University project: high economic potential, wide business community using cutting-edge technologies, proximity to the Barents Euro-Arctic market of intellectual services and technologies ­– all this speaks in favor of Pomorye.


Russia lays high hopes on the Arctic and its resources. The Arctic region needs professionals for the Northern Sea Route development, experts in the Arctic tourism and Arctic logistics...There are many professions that could strengthen Russia’s national interests in the Arctic region and the international arena. The NArFU mission is to meet the requirements of the region. That’s why NArFU makes particular emphasis on training competitive top quality specialists flourishing in chosen fields of activities. Furthermore, Innovation Centers for the Arctic development forged on the basis of the University will attract to the North talented, creative, enthusiastic and highly skilled professionals from all around the world.


Northern (Arctic) Federal University has a great international political significance. Having established such an institution Russia demonstrates keen interest in the Arctic. NArFU is a center of federal significance applied to the needs of the Arctic territories; it is designed not only to cooperate with similar institutions but also participate in international forums and develop diplomacy through cooperation between students, teachers, staff communities and specialists. To sum up, Russia will develop the Arctic, but we will do it through peaceful means and in accordance with existing international agreements.


Rector of Northern (Arctic) Federal University,
Professor Elena Kudryashova



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