Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering

More than 35,000 students are training at the University, the teaching staff is almost 1500 people. There are 78 departments and 5 institutes in the university (Transport-technological Institute, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Institute, Chernomyrdin Humanitarian-economic Institute, Institute of Additional Education, International Institute, which provides training for foreign students), 11 faculties (Automotive Faculty, Faculty "Automation and Information Technologies”, Metallurgy Faculty, Faculty "Mechanical Engineering Technology", Faculty “Chemical process equipment”,  Faculty “Ecology”, Faculty "Mining, Oil and Natural Gas Production", Law Faculty, All-humanities Faculty, Faculty "Economics and management", Center for Integrated Marketing Communications). There are 11 comfortable dormitories. The University is provided with sufficiently  modern technical basis for training students: there are 21 buildings with well-equipped lecture-halls, training and scientific laboratories, computer class-rooms, sports halls, a scientific-technical library which numbers nearly 1mln. books, dining halls and canteens.


University is the largest institution of higher education which prepares qualified specialists for various branches of engineering.

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