What do all we, parents, want? We want our children to grow up healthy, smart, to speak freely with their peers and be able to travel all around the world. And we also want them to make the most of their summer. This is a special time, when they can enjoy nice weather, do as they wish and try out something new.

To make all of this possible, we have put together an interdisciplinary programme, the perfect balance of work and play, study and relaxation. What makes the programme stand out is that the teachers play a special role both encouraging and assisting the attendees. To achieve this, we selected only the best experts and mentors to take part. After meeting and talking to the kids, the experts will help them to choose an interesting topic to study, support their creative ideas and assist them in implementing these ideas. Participants will have the opportunity to make their own decisions, be creative, express themselves and find a common language with their peers from other countries. 

The kids will live on the welcoming campus of the UWC Dilijan international boarding school in hospitable Armenia.

The school opened in 2014 and has won a number of prestigious prizes for its eco-friendly architecture. The ultramodern campus is set in a national park, bordering onto protected mountain forests. 

We live in an era of global change, and now more than ever it’s essential to give children the chance to make their own choices and support what they show an interest in. In the future, this will let them to think outside the box and make their own path to success. 



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