Set of interviews at BEGIN.RU "Top World Business Schools: Admission 2007"

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#2  Instituto de Empresa Business School, Madrid, Spain

Felix Valdivieso, Director of Communications, Instituto de Empresa Business School

Is the admission process at IE standard and usual (as top business schools have) or is it some special?

IE Business School Admissions are carried on a rolling basis; therefore we do not have deadlines for any specific program or intake. Admission to an IE Business School program is valid for two years, which enables candidates the flexibility to enrol in the intake of their preference within such timeframe. However, given the limited number of seats available, candidates are recommended to initiate the application process as far in advance as possible while controlling on an individual basis the timing of their application. To ensure sufficient time, the application process should begin roughly one year in advance of the desired program intake. All IE programs are aimed at professionals with different profiles, with varying undergraduate studies and diverse professional experiences, nevertheless, the admission requirements may vary by program.

What changes in admission process were made this and previous years?

In order to guarantee excelling classes and a truly diverse student body, the IE Admissions Committee keeps a close eye on the admission process, requirements and the admissions application accessibility yearly (on-line, paper-based and through a external centralized service). By adapting the application to the programs and consequently the profiles (essay questions, required documentation, admission tests, valid English certificates, etc.) the school constantly improves its screening process.

Which qualification, skills and performances are critical for foreign applicants?

IE is one of the most international business schools in the world. We currently have from 80-93% of international students in our programs. We value strong career development and international business exposure prior to the application, as well as an appreciation for intercultural, dynamic and innovative learning. Having said this, it is very important to meet the admission requirements to ensure the success of the individual and high profile of the class.

Which are the most common mistakes made by foreign applicants?

We would like to stress that IE provides support to all admitted international students throughout the student visa process, however it is important that all candidates start their visa applications with sufficient time in advanced to ensure they will have it on time to join the chosen intake.

How often do you encounter interesting and unusual essays? Could you give some examples? How do you treat them?

All candidates that communicate their innovative mind-set and demonstrate their leadership skills and future professional potential in their essays give us fair, good reasons to consider their application a winning one. The most common topics are always related to a professional, personal, sport or leisure activities. If a candidate with an “unusual” essay is granted an Admissions interview, we usually cover the subject during the interview to better understand his/her motivations.

Could you advice on how to write effective essays?

You are free to pick the topic, nonetheless make sure your essay has a proper introduction, body and conclusion. Every essay should portray the candidate’s analytical skills and potential, but more importantly, they should take it as an opportunity to depict their personality and allow us to know them better.

What is interview focuses on? Do you plan to arrange phone interviews or by foreign alumni in the country of applicant?

The interview focuses on the personal and professional motivations, potential future development and likelihood to succeed in the program behind each applicant. We will look at the ability to articulate opinions and the teamwork & interpersonal skills. We also try to learn why he/she applied to IE and how IE vision and expertise match the candidates driving force to join our school.  


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